Nailed It!

Nailed It!

Some studies say women get their nails done to impress men, but others say it’s for their hygiene purposes, but then down that line they have to choose between gel nails, acrylic nails and polish powder.

Gel Nails!!!

Gel nails are quickly becoming the most popular artificial nail application in nail salons, says . Gel nails is just a simple 2 or 3 layers of gel polish after each application fingers go under a UV light to quickly dry and cure the gel nail and then the desired color and/or desired nail art goes on top and you’re set.

But like any other thing in the world gel nails have pros and cons…


(1) Gel nails have a more natural look with a glossy finish. Unlike acrylics, if the nails are primed correctly, there is no damage to the nail bed.

(2) Gel nails cure faster than acrylic nails since they are cured under UV light.

(3) Gel nails are also more flexible than acrylic nails. There is no odor, and gel nails can easily be removed with no damage to the nail bed by soaking in Acetone.


(1) Gel nails also have a downside. For starters, they are more expensive, costing between $25 and $60 per application.

(2)  Also because UV light is involved, there is a concern that this exposure to UV light could increase your risk of skin cancer.

(3) Breshears noted that gel is not as strong as acrylic, and gel nails are sometimes prone to peeling. “Neither of those materials can take the beating that acrylic enhancements can,” Breshears says.

Acrylic Nails!!!

Before gel there was acrylic nails.. Most women still go with the plain and simple acrylic nails, which there is nothing wrong with that Acrylics, the most popular artificial nail, are a combination of a liquid and powder that creates a hard, protective layer over the natural nail. A nail tip is applied to the nail, then a ball is created by dipping a brush into liquid monomer and placing the wet brush in powder polymer. This ball is placed on the nail bed and patted into place using liquid monomer. The finished product is cured, normally by air drying.

(1) Acrylic extensions are suitable for women with brittle and weak nails.

(2)Acrylics are good for women, who have a bad habit of chewing their nails as they are very hard to chew off.

(3)The primary benefit of acrylic nails is that if one of them breaks, it can be fixed at home by using the right tools. You don’t have to spend a bomb again to get them rectified

(1)They can damage your natural nail underneath, and it can be hard to grow out your nails with acrylic over them.

(2)damaged nail is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.

(3)As Acrylic nails are artificial enhancements, they present a fake look. You need a very talented technician who can apply your acrylics as close to natural ones.

Dip Powder Nail Polish!!!

Nail trends seem to come and go, but there are a few that change the nail game completely, and we seriously want to give them a try. One of those is the nail polish dip process that is taking social media by storm, and the results are actually amazing. Well, the nail polish dipping method is seemingly safer According to Nails Magazine, 

  1. Each visit to the salon, you start from scratch, so the money you saved by getting refills instead of new acrylic or gel nails is gone. Another downside related to this process is that you are likely getting your nails filed down with a drill every time. This increases the risk of damage to the external layers of the nail.
  2. First of all, the dip powder nails dry naturally, and take longer than gel polish, which is expedited with a UV or LED lamp. Secondly, the dipping process is relatively new to nail techs, so they haven’t quite gotten the routine down pat like they have for gel polish and acrylic nail manicures.
  3. If the nail tech is new to the technique if they make it too thick it’ll look weird or too thin it won’t last up to 7 weeks.


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